Products & Services

• Supply of Global Powermesh Curtains

2 x 2 weave 900gsm Powermesh up to 15m length and 3.6m height. The design of the curtain has been independently tested and each side curtain has been shown to withstand the force of a 28 tonne unrestricted load.

• Large Format Graphic Curtain Imaging

Advertising on a grand scale. For over 20 years we have been supplying graphic imaged curtains into the most hostile environments. We support the whole process from design and application through to installation.

• Supply of part or complete commercial vehicle body kits for assembly in the local region.

We look to bring engineering expertise together with the excellent work ethic of the local country. We are able to assist all our valued, worldwide customers with improving fleets nation-wide.

• Supply high quality and customised new and used European equipment.

With a European network of agencies Global PS are able to supply a wide range of new and used equipment. With over 30 years experience of specifying and designing vehicles and semi-trailers, Global PS have a wealth of experience in meeting customer needs and requirements – with a special focus on increasing productivity, efficiency and safety.

• Consulting on cargo control, manufacturing facilities, logistics processes, transport systems and recruitment.

Over 30 years we have built a wide knowledge of efficiencies we can bring to any international logistics process, whether they are safety improvements or cost savings. We have consulted on start-up body manufacturing, vehicle repairs, automatic loading systems, new specification vehicles and even new people.

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